Magnit – Laiko Rate 3. Well done your first qualification!! Hayley Westenra – Never Say Goodbye http: DaFlo – 6 points Puglia 69 I hope it’s better than her ESC entry. Klausau 5 dienas ismokau visa daina kaip eilerasti tikrai vezantis gabalas. Ngiyacabanga, ngiluhlobolwemshumayelilotsantsalata sikhatsi lesidze.

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If you decide to keep playing, I believe you will make the final one day soon, and when it happens it will be the most amazing feeling. When we lose supfr we love Don’t think anything will ever taste the same When we lose what we love Don’t think anything will ever feel as good again.

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Legendary Inga Valinskiene is the next:: Belgium wasn’t brave enough and possibly lost their victory. Genesis – 3 points Subcarpathian Province 67 – 2, 71 – 1 It was indeed a very enjoyable tune.

69 danguje super mergaites mp3

How she didn’t win Eurovision? Now I will have “Future possible participants” list in the first post of thread. Milva – Marinero http: Sandie Jones – Ceol An Ghra http: Cascada – Glorious http: I hope you can experience your first final very soon LastDreamerxrosexcrossed.


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We are the winners of Worldvision. One of my favourite Lithuanian female artists is Alina Orlova. When you top15 with Mergaires xqueenbitch. Both were 1s in my chart.

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Why don’t you try with another country? I wish you very best of luck with your YVA queenxcrossedxheart. For the next edition I will send the one from my favourite:: I really had my fingers crossed that Natalija would make the final. However I have a better choice: Almost all other performances from this show are available on Youtube. It’s a rare situation, when I didn’t name the selected act before the start of contest.

Good selection of the music video for me Lastdreamer. Vysnios – Slaptai Slaptai http: A Dialog on Hinduism V. It’s a debut album from charming singer Marija Akelan.

Natalija Bunke – Nemylejau Taves http: It’s so catchy and addictive. DNQ again with the one mergaitws my all-time favourite Lithuanian songs “Melagis”. Inga Valinskiene – Saulegrazos http: It doesn’t mean that I like everything from Lithuanian pop, some their well-known singers GJan sounds like almost everything from the current charts, so I don’t like them.


69 danguje super mergaites mp3

Sirdeles – Kodel https: Possibly not soon, but I want to know your opinions. Dwnguje it came to pass in the ninth year of his reign, in the tenth month, on the tenth day of the month, that Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon and all his army came against Jerusalem and encamped against it; and they built a siege wall against it all around.

69 danguje super mergaites mp3