Alternatively, open the Windows Services console services. Layout and Permissions Once you have finished adding these fields, add them to the layout and set up permissions. The path will be specified in the corresponding Script Action wizard. The format in which to create the file name for the appropriate XML data. You’ll need to create your users in Duo ahead of time using one of our other enrollment methods, like directory sync or CSV import. Section headings appear as:. Prerequisites To integrate with Bomgar you will need:

bomgar integration client

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Add the following properties to the section:. If you have multiple, each “server” section should specify which “client” to use.

Under Bomgar Extension, click Deploy. Create an embedded search result. We recommend including the primary support technician, links to view the session recording and the session chat transcript, the start and end times, and the session status.

bomgar integration client

As the wizard text suggests, there is a default report template that the system uses if this field is left blank, but you intevration upload a customized report. Click Add If to begin. The format in which to create the file name for the appropriate XML data.

Bomgar file name

So you can enter phone2 or push2 if you have two phones enrolled and you want the authentication request to go to the second phone. In the event that Duo’s service cannot be contacted, users’ authentication attempts will be permitted if primary authentication succeeds. In cases where Bomgar sessions are initiated from Agiloftthe parameter KB is optional and will not be used.


Take a look at our Bomgar Knowledge Base articles or Community discussions. Before proceeding, integrtaion should locate or set up a system on which you will install the Duo Authentication Proxy. The username of a domain member account that has permission to bind to your Active Directory and perform searches.

With default installation paths, the proxy configuration file will be located at:. Authentication Proxy service output is written to the authproxy. Supply the configuration details as follows: In this step, you’ll set up the Proxy’s primary authenticator — the system which will validate users’ existing passwords. For more information, see here. This should correspond with a “client” section elsewhere in the config file.

On the Display tab, choose or create a view to use. In the event that Duo’s service cannot be contacted, all users’ authentication attempts will be rejected.

bomgar integration client

If a file of the same name already exists in the location to which ijtegration are attempting to transfer a file, choose whether to respond by automatically overwriting the. On the Permissions tab, chose the option to use a saved search.


Bomgar file name download

Configuration of this action button also determines how support sessions are assigned in the Bomgar Appliance. This is the default. If you see an error saying that the “service could not be started”, open the Application Event Viewer and look for an Error from the source “DuoAuthProxy”. Bomgar is a remote support solution that enables secure, real-time remote support sessions to encourage collaboration and fast resolution of IT issues.

Enter your name in the Chat window. To set up this functionality within a Bomgar-enabled KB: Swiping a filename reveals the Delete button; the customer can tap Delete to. Check Execute Actions, then click Add Action. First Steps You should already have a working primary authentication bomvar for your Bomgar Appliance users before you begin to deploy Duo.

User Setup Requirements Technicians who will launch support sessions must exist as users in both Bomgar and Agiloft for the system to confirm their identity and assign sessions. Use Active Directory for primary authentication. Ensure that Perl, Bokgar 2.

This option allows you to assign a support session to a user known only in Bomgar.