Slopestyle May 10, at Would happily be behind bars if it was a place like that! Poor Mustang with that hitch thing stuck to it.. Not to post the obvious, but: Could this be the voleurz of biking?! DRodrigues May 10, at

brandon semenuk life behind bars

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Arin May 10, at Bollinrider May 13, at 4: Does the next episode feature a north shore rack on his Suby rally car?

Liam-Bosse May 10, at Reminds me of new world disorders intro, always some one who gets chased. MCsession7 May 11, at 9: Ony realised it had anything to do with bikes in the last few seconds!!

Branman May 10, at Could this be the voleurz of biking?! We need more shows like this. Dhboy93 May 10, at Yes, yes, yes, this look freaking awesome!!!


Brandon Semenuk Life Behind Bars: Season Premiere –

You’re 27 years old. The boys with a backyard slopestyle.

brandon semenuk life behind bars

The neg prop troll patrol is out in force tonight. KierinChristopher May 10, at We all need to stop huffing the Axe body spray and Red Bull chasers.

Life Behind Bars Backyard Sessions Brandon Semenuk

It would be fun to be in that car!! GuidaGuida May 10, at I love how the cop car has a Confederate Flag on the plate, but their in canada. brancon

brandon semenuk life behind bars

MattDobson May 10, at Behinx the marketing, it’ll make you dumb. TYNT May 10, at Jump on board for some serious laughs and adventure along the way!

Weezy78 May 11, at Except the fact that I want to see more. RDog should be totally be a sheriff in real life.

brandon semenuk life behind bars

Kind of the same but with Mike Aitken and Tom Dugan. Not to post the obvious, but: I love how your user name has MC in it but you likely are white and not a master of ceremonies. MCsession7 May 10, at TheDanish May 10, at Russian is just my nationality, i was born in the US, soo Freeride is directing the show. Haha, its the boys in the bright white sportscar by trooper, in case your unlucky enough to not already know.