As far as comparisons, there aren’t too many people Bukkweat sounds like, but there is one artist who’s influence is easy to hear and see, and he embraces it fully. I don’t really have a plan. Before its hip hop scene started to break out, New Smyrna’s claim to fame was a surfer-perfected strain of weed called Triangle Kush that was so strong it has been featured in publications like High Times Magazine. I played guitar and shit, all kinds of instruments when I was a kid. Jitta thankfully put us on to Bukkweat a while back, and the two have had some killers tracks together.

bukkweat bill 8886

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BUKKWEAT BILL – EP by BUKKWEAT BILL | Free Listening on SoundCloud

I look up to Weezy, niggas don’t even know. I was the boss on the snar drums, feel me? We’ve been homies since I was like 6 or 7. Franklin Regional High School: Bukk freestyles on the Bukwkeat gritty classic in a way that wou Original Content News trap florida Bukkweat Bill on the come up.

bukkweat bill 8886

I got my hair braided, wore the bandanas and all. But this time, Game finds himself not bat Well, there’s a new show in town billl, and he goes by Bukkweat Bill, and if you have any of that Triangle Kush, let him know. I just hit the studio, go through my e-mail, pick a beat, and go off.

Now that your iTunes library’s been baptised by Bukkweat, we can continue. Bukk told us they have a gameplan for what comes next in his journey, and we hope he’s right, because the kids need way more Bukkweat in their life.


I don’t write anymore. ExclusivesExclusives Music.

So an older DJ homie of mine gave me his Fruity Loops disc to use, and told me to have fun with that. Just as Bukkweat keeps to himself lyrically, it’s a lot of the same on the collaboration front. Jitta thankfully put us on to Bukkweat a while back, and the two have had some killers tracks together. Whereas most trap guys get swallowed up by the heavy beats, relying on autotune and catchy hooks to save their weak lyrical content, Bill brings serious bars and punchlines without it sounding too forced and maintaining the overall trap feel.

Bukkweat Bill – Yen 47 lyrics

One thing you won’t get out of his music, at least up until now, is too much of his personal story. Real Mississippian Love — Kolley zacharydavis. You know, things about my probation and my baby momma, that’s personal.

When most artists are pouring out their life stories into their verses, Bukk’s managed to bukkdeat our attention while telling us nothing, a true hip hop man of mystery. He says it’s so rare, he bukkweeat had any since high school.

Domestic Violence Investigation zacharydavis. This next mixtape though, I got real personal. If you don’t have it, fix that right now. We asked what comes first in the process for him, making the beat and writing to it, or coming up with lyrical concepts and building beats around them, to which he quickly said, “Both, really.


You’ll be able to check out some of their best work, and we’ll break down what makes them great by category. Another Blll Dismissed From the Warriors zacharydavis. New Smyrna Beach, Florida is known as a surfer community, only about 23, people calling it home.

bukkweat bill 8886

Perhaps avoided in discussion due to demonic prominent references in his lyricism and ego, perhaps his music video’s of climbing on grave Making beats was a natural progression for Yung William, as he told us about his skills with the instruments growing up, “I was in a youth drumline, and by the time I was in middle school, I was the drum captain.

I don’t really have a plan.

On The Come Up: Bukkweat Bill

Some niggas will make a whole song about that, but I’ll just throw a line or two out there. When asked about how he feels being compared so often to Tunechi when people ubkkweat hear his music he told us, “I think it’s valid, and it kinda makes me happy. Duke London recently had the chance to chat with Bill about this, bukkwest other things, and he told us, “I’m not a big topic rapper, I don’t really tell stories.

You can hear it especially on “Forever”, just straight bars.