When you install new printer options, you must reconfigure the printer driver to use the options. Other Problems Switch off the printer and remove the jammed in the printer? Driver Tools , Printers Tags: Page 5 I want to stop printing: Specify previous page the correct port number. If you are continuing with the procedure from the previous section, carry out the procedure from Step 4 after the Fuji Xerox Setup Menu dialog box is displayed on the computer screen. Procedure Confirm that “Ready to Print” is displayed on the control panel.

docuprint c1618 driver

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Inkjet paper Paper that is too thick or too thin The printer cannot print when Menu The Menu screen Page To understand the features fully and to use the machine c16118 and effectively, please read this guide before using it. Changing Default Printing Functions 3. Paper loading limit Do not overload the paper tray.

Printing from a Program You docuorint output jobs to the printer from most Windows programs with their Print command. Danger of electric shock exists.

docuprint c1618 driver

Ipx Frame Type 5. Ready to Print This is a warning message.



Multiple e-mail attachments PDF or text files can be printed. Be sure to close the fuser cartridge levers after removing the jammed paper. The Custom Paper Size dialog box appears. The factory defaults for the workgroup name and the host name is “Workgroup” All third party products, brands, or trademarks used herein dgiver for identification purposes only and are the sole property of their respective owner.

Avoid hot and humid areas. Make this the default printer Check the check box if DocuPrint C is to be used as the default printer.

Replace toner cartridges as soon as the message prompting you to do so appears. Help keywords are used in Windows. Transmittable File Attachments 3. Cc1618 Gently pull out the paper tray until it stops.

Replace the transfer roll cartridge as soon as the message prompting you to do so appears. Use Fuji Xerox JD paper for two-sided printing when printing high-resolution, color images.

Xerox Docuprint C Pilote Windows 7 ::

Otherwise, this completes the installation of the printer driver. While holding it with your hand, insert the protrusions on both sides of the bypass tray cover into the bearings on the printer. Page After completing this docuprinnt, detach and send it to the address below.


Obtaining Product Information Obtaining Product Information The following information is provided on our internet home page: This concludes the Printer Settings list. Fuji Xerox confirms DocuPrint C satisfies the requirements for this program.

Xerox DocuPrint C1618 User Manual

Blurred printing Is it too dry? Printer name Enter a name for the printer, if necessary.

The machine weighs Print after the images of temperature, high humidity or low room has warmed up, such as on winter characters docuprunt temperature, low humidity mornings.

No distinction is made between uppercase and lowercase characters. Note that the printer finishes printing the current page.

docuprint c1618 driver

Load all paper into the printer in the portrait orientation lengthwise. Do not use any other types, such as color transparencies bordered with a white frame.

docuprint c1618 driver

You do not need to socuprint the operations described in this section when you connect a new printer to a network for the first time.