Get it back to normall EA!! The lack of physical power in tackles is also poor. The players faces much better but i have negatives 1. We will review your comments and make it online as soon as possible. There should be more options to actually customize hair — length, highlights, how curly. I cannot emphasise enough that for the top players in the game, even those almost at the top of the tree, the passing is absolutely diabolical. Gervinho had 93 pace and 83 dribbling, Doumbia had 93 pace and 82 dribbling, while Ibarbo, playing on the right flank, completed the utter sweatiness with 91 pace and 82 dribbling.

fifa 12 gervinho face

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From the eyes and mouth opening wide when a goal is scored, to vains popping out of the players neck etc. Though I suspect if this is an issue it will be fixed in updates.

One thing I like about PES is that they have so many shoes available, especially the yellow nike mercurial vaporflies, and the hotpink ones. Impact Software is so annyoing if you shoulder barge someone they do a front flip and tactical defending does help but sometimes it dosent even block off shot.

EA says that we must write our comments on this site but they just seem to be ignored, because getvinho people have been talking about the number of player faces increasing.

What would be nice is an option to quickly find the next opponent. Spoils a very good game. One of the main reasons is the number of cut scenes and movie clips during certain moments of the players career.

fifa 12 gervinho face

Josh is a writer who specialises in football and wrestling. These things make PES so realistic and graphically amazing.


FIFA 12 Feedback

I love that it focuses more on dribbling now than just tricks. Everytime the ball is in a good position in the air to header it, my player always tries to volley it. Hopefully gsrvinho for an answer. As every year fake stadiums not real like Ivy Lane.

You have to wait minutes before the next game.

fifa 12 gervinho face

They’ve introduced a new addition to gdrvinho online mode with ‘Flashback’ cards, meaning some players will receive the same overall they had in previous titles. Also, i am sure that there is an easier way to find the next opponent instead of having to exit from online game just payed and then starting all over again. Filth will ensue and the amount of angry FIFA players will increase significantly.

Would be cool to have 2 player management mode that was capable of online play.

New defending good but needs a bit of tweaking. I understand the rights to these may not be available, so then perhaps their should be an unlockable option to create and customize your own shoes. And what on earth happened to the Turkish league???? Hi there I have only played the demo for fifa 12 but fear that yet another year has gone by without the inclusion of either fifx or celtic stadiums tervinho. Cause they are doing a terrible job!!!

ULTRAFIFA – Gervinho (FIFA 12 – Original)

The AI is too good! First off all people who used to pause the game 3 or 4 difa, if you want to change anything in your team should be only only when the ball go out.

He has never sported a pair of Lonsdale Slip-ons, contrary to reports.

fifa 12 gervinho face

Impact Engine and Refs — the new impact engine is going to be far better once the bugs are fixed, but I feel whenever players run into each other and the impact engine comes into play, the ref never notices it.


I love the graphic and have to say the game has improved in alot of aspects but I have to say express my dissapointmnet with the new jocking control, in FIFA11 Jocking was very simple to learn and execute but with FIFA 12 is very difficult especially if you are right handed because you have control left stick while holding L2, in a practice section it can be done easily but in a game situation and pace it difficult cause you find yourself missing the player with the ball or you are easily dribbled.

The gap in difficulty between semi pro and pro is the most stupid amount its ridiculous. I cannot score headers.

Gervinho FIFA 19 – 87 FUT-BIRTHDAY – Prices and Rating – Ultimate Team | Futhead

The lack of physical power in tackles is also poor. Gervinho had 93 pace and 83 dribbling, Doumbia had 93 pace and 82 fifz, while Ibarbo, playing on the right flank, completed the utter sweatiness with 91 pace and 82 dribbling.

While the gameplay is realistic and I applaud this aspect of the game, the fun element of playing football games appears to have been lost. That being said, the new faces available in the creation centre, and the ability to change skin tones, are great, and really a big improvement.