Download Galactic Core Live Wallpaper 2. Version code 28 equal Version 2. I love the way it looks so much I doubt I’ll ever change it. Cerberus anti theft 2. I wasn’t sure at first because of having to pay, but with all the customizable features it has, it’s beyond worth it! Chollometro — Chollos, ofertas y cosas gratis 5. User manual Step 1:

galactic core live wallpaper 2.31 apk

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Swan Live Wallpaper HD 4K Cool

Faux Kernel Enhancement Pro 1. Needs support for higher resolutions This is an awesome live wallpaper but I wish it supported higher resolutions.

A stunning live wallpaper featuring a spinning spiral galaxy, Galactic Core is a beautiful and serene backdrop for love home screen, with many layers of depth apparent when switching home screens. So many options for customization. Download Galactic Core Live Wallpaper 2. The Donation version has a full settings screen with lots of options, including alternate visual themes, orientation sensor usage, framerate control, rotation and camera speeds, and more!

Galactic Core APK – download free apk from APKSum

Only problem I have is that sometimes when my phone goes from landscape mode and then back to portrait mode the wallpaper stays in landscape mode. And you’ll never get bored of your screen!


The perspective shifts as you touch the screen! I bet if captain kirk had a mobile on the Enterprise,this is galactid live wallpaper he would have on it. Links section in settings v2. I have been using this app for three years now on three different android phones and it works great.

galactic core live wallpaper 2.31 apk

Galactic Core Live Wallpaper 2. Oxygen – PowerAmp v3 Skin 1. If your into stars pretty cool Cool but make sure your phone is powerful enough otherwise it will bog-down pretty quickly. Download Galactic Core Live Wallpaper 2. Otherwise it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Android Games and Apps: Galactic Core Live Wallpaper

In Galactic Core Live Wallpaper 2. I’m not really sure how much battery you eat is but its a pretty cool app none the less Worth a go! But this is just my opinion on the great application!. The lock screen does not customize with this app.

Lice paid money, though I wouldn’t complain if more updates should appear: Jogo Offroad Xtreme Sports Galactic Core Live Wallpaper 1. A wonderful app – a rich visual treat that is nearly hypnotic. Beautifully lively Swan pictures, taken by us very carefully and designed to bring you the brightness of this life, The Swan that very rare in the world and you’re rarely seen, Now it’s on your phone screen.


Fondo animado Núcleo galáctico APK 2.41

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Believe it or not, this is my very 1st smart phone, my 1st app I’ve downloaded and the 1st and only app I’ve paid for. Pixel Gun 3D 5. I actually love the settings. It’s easy to change right back to beautiful space though. Payback 2 – The Battle Sandbox 2.

galactic core live wallpaper 2.31 apk

One feels fairly insignificant when fixed on the enormity of it all!