It ticks all the boxes rather than trying to make new ones – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing once in a while. Dec 2, Oshimen: Dengan cerianya aku membawa buku catatanku.. Honestly, it’s one of her better songs beside Hikarumonotachi. Do you already have an account?

mayu watanabe rappa renshuuchuu pv

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Dengan cerianya aku membawa buku catatanku. Namun aku tidak dapat menghapalkannya. Ayo pergi ke restoran lain dan minum teh bersama?

Apr 3, Location: It’s fun and bright, I like the evolution versus idea that they did on the PV. Aku tak dapat membayangkan apa pun selain dirimu. Meski masih belum mahir, aku yakin kamu mengerti. Honestly, it’s one of her better songs beside Hikarumonotachi.

mayu watanabe rappa renshuuchuu pv

About Me Wakhid Gender: The Mayuyu train keeps chugging along quite nicely. Dan kini demi dirimu. GPJun 24, To me, she’s beautiful And I really like the song! You must log in or sign up to reply here.


[Single] Mayu Watanabe 4th Rappa Renshuu-Chuu

Feedjit Live Blog Stats. EDIT – new link waganabe Papara papara papapaara My heart thumps in my chest I want to boldly invite you hey Courageous courageous Brass brass is mau I’ll try to play Someday, someday, someday Sometime then, it doesn’t have to be today ‘I’ll have another cola’ I’m practicing the trumpet Papara papara papapaara When you feel weak-kneed, sonorously Stand up with your own two legs come on Your own your own Brass brass sound will come out!

GPJun 20, No, create an account now. It might just be me, but I find it gives off a very mid-’90s Mickey-Mouse-Clubhouse, Disneyland feel that’s drawing me to it. Meski pun ketika kamu merasa letih. Bangkitlah dengan kedua kakimu. You can’t really fault the song for that, and I renshuucguu look for originality when I listen to idol pop.

There’s nothing really special about this song. Jun 15, Location: I can definitely see this being one of my go-to songs for an fenshuuchuu morning pick-up, and taking a regular spot on my “Whistle While You Work” playlist. Tidak mungkin mereka akan menginggalkanmu sendiri.


Share This Page Tweet. Oct 12, Location: Log in or Sign up. Aku yakin semua orang juga pasti menginginkanmu.

(Single) Watanabe Mayu – Rappa Renshuuchuu

Dengan caramu Terompetnya Terompetnya akan mengeluarkan suara. It just so perfectly encapsulates everything I love about idol music and it’s ridiculously catchy.

mayu watanabe rappa renshuuchuu pv

Itulah yang tertulis di buku tentang cinta ini. Pelayan yang paling cantik di dunia ini. Suatu saat, suatu saat, suatu saat nanti.