The Configuration UI looks good from a functional perspective all the values stuck between clicks on the Block, things grey out properly, etc. At this point, without knowing what device you’re talking to, a better explanation of your setup, and the code itself, I’m not sure how much help we can be. I have never run the NXT in the direct mode, nor have any of my team members. Each time polling a sensor, do have to init that specific sensor each time anew? Take a look at what kbbersch said. Multi I2C device at same NXT port Ford, For one thing, I almost never use the built-in drivers and the original poster talks about devices at address 0x60 and 0x

nxt-g i2c block

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Using a push button to power the device and wires through the pull up resistor. Even the Ultrasonic sensor has some multi byte parameters that could be accessed. As we said earlier, the first thing the master does is write the I2C address of the sensor with which it wants to communicate to the data bus. The basic element is called a transaction.

The 9th bit is 0, this being the ACK acknowledgementi. Well, more or less, since while we are ready to run a data acquisition exercise, what do we want to acquire? It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but for the Case 1 figure, it appears that you are generating a correct start condition.


Thank you in advanced! The block takes a line number, a caption, and a number as input.

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Will save the selected image from the screen. I have no idea where the “dual mode” functions are to be found. Remove bad wires Removes bad wires. It just gets peoples hopes up that they might get a mac version.

The following NXC code does this task. The idea is that we will be able to write to a config file from our computer bloxk will be read by our autonomous program when it runs.

I2C communication: Lego Mindstorms NXT brick, sonar sensor and a Saleae logic analyser

It will display the hex content of what is going into the file, coming out of the file, and then the resulting data from the unflatten string, as well as any errors that have been thrown. This means that the I2C transactions nxr-g being analyzed. I don’t quite understand your setup, and I’m not sure what I’m looking at with the figures you posted.


nxt-g i2c block

Sat Mar 01, I want to create NXT blocks for some homebrew sensors that i have created. There isn’t anything I would’ve coded differently in the implementation VIs. Good for saving Config panel images.

This software is available at http: I surely can not help you with the problem of multiple bytes. However, neither my drivers, nor anyone else’s will allow you to connect more than one sensor to your ports without, somehow, modifying their pull-ups. These are from various locations.

NXT IRSeeker V2 (NSK1042)

What does the have to do with the ? Give us more details so we can help you better. I’d like to try nxtosek, no question, but what I needed were German tutorials and German fellows who support me. There’s somethign wrong with the way nxr-g specified the policy file.

nxt-g i2c block

Users browsing this forum: It requires the NXT retail software to be installed in order to work. You can find documentations here http: Realm authentication not working for usergroups. Compile a program, and save it to a file.