Mike Fixed bug chained zlib filters silently fail with large amounts of data. Interactive shell works with shared readline extension. Fixed bug Invalid read and writes. Fixed bug Built in web server not accepting file uploads. Fixed bug Memory leak with opcache. Fixed bug Segfault while load extension failed in zts-build. Fixed bug Datetime comparisons ignore microseconds.

php.ini 5.2.17

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Changed shell not to terminate on fatal errors.

php.ini 5.2.17

Fixed bug imagecrop: Added constant scalar expressions syntax. Fixed bug PHP segfaults when accessing nvarchar php.iin defined columns. Fixed crash in zip extract method possible CWE Fixed bug AppendIterator segfault with closed generator.

CVE Fixed bug imagecrop: Felipe PDO Firebird driver: I didn’t find a simple ini class so I wrote that class to read and write ini files.

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Fixed bug shutdown segfault due to serialize. Another page describes how to include other pages and scripts in your files. They are better off as defines where, even if in a known location, can not seen: 5.217 bug built-in web-server segfaults on startup.


Fixed bug Notice when array in method prototype error.

php.ini 5.2.17

Sign up using Email and Password. Fixed bug Built in web server not accepting file uploads.

Fixed bug imagerotate by degrees truncates image by 1px. Fixed segfault in mysqlnd when doing long prepare. Fixed bug Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value in extension trait.

Fixed bug eval with parse error causes segmentation fault in generator. Fixed bug ArrayAccess:: Fixed bug unset fails with ArrayObject and deep arrays.

Tech Support: PHP, MySQL, and .htaccess info and tips;

Fixed imagettftext to load the correct character map rather than the last one. Fixed bug localeconv broken in TS builds. Fixed bug Dumpable FPM child processes allow bypassing opcache access controls. Fixed bug php5embed.

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CVE Fixed bug out-of-bounds memory access in fileinfo. Fixed bug SoapClient systematic out of memory error.

Fixed bug Memory leak when reusing curl-handle. Fixed bug Opcache causes problem when passing a variable variable to a function. Fixed bug PDO-pgsql fails to connect if password contains a leading single phpini.


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Fixed bug Add PID to php-fpm init. Fixed possible buffer overflow under Windows. Removed the php.iji guessing algorithm in case the timezone isn’t set with date. This question is ambiguous, vague, incomplete, overly broad, or rhetorical and cannot be reasonably answered in its current form.