Next right click on the new roundcube user again and click ‘Remove host from which the user can connect’. This will be where you set multi hosts for your server to answer to. Maybe i should edite the initialize. Currently there should be only one at this point. Click the advanced button next to it.

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Hopefully someone will require help on these issues so I may address them on this post. Ok here you can choose the path where your database information is stored then click next. I have been using PHP for years and this is by far the best setup file they have made that automates allot of the task you would otherwise need to do. Next create the clientsdomain.

In case anyone cares to imagine how I have my web server setup, I have a directory on the root of C: Next click on ‘User Administration’ in the top left listbox and it should list all the user in the bottom left listbox.

But have you installed the COM extension in the first place? Yes,sorry but i forgot to mention that, I’ve already installed that and DCOM class too i’m going to edit that, thanks for notify me that error.


Install Webmail interface for hMailServer

Post as a guest Name. The full error is ” Fatal error: Right click on it and go to properties. We shale start out by extracting the downloaded archive to your C: I still get the same message that was displayed before, nothing on the error has changed. Then click ‘Apply changes’. Sign up using Facebook. They are set depending on the host from which the user is coming from.

Make sure that com. If you mean something different please elaborate on that. Ok the next screen you want to make sure all three check boxes are checked and the service name is something like mySQL5. Click the add button and chose the same IP for the IP address Use hmailsrver 80, and for the Host Header type ‘mail.

I can’t think to no one else solution, somebody can help me?

Install Webmail interface for hMailServer | IT Blog

Sign up using Email and Password. I hope this might help some people out, though I think it might as I have already received a few requests to shed some light on the install process. How do we handle problem users? I will be spending a little time on doing this and I just hope I can provide at least a little help to the community to show my respect for what the developers at both hMailServer and RoundCube have done.


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How do I log into the PHP web admin for Hmail?

What’s the full error? Here you can change the path of the install directory if you want then click next.

In the following tutorial I assume that you have two hosts set up. There are a few other things that I did user rights etc on the windows box itself that I can’t remember off hand to get various things working Next choose Multifunctional Database. Installing hMailServer is fairly simple for a first time user. This makes the experience seem a little more personalized to the user. I checked the DCOM in the php. Setting up phpWebAdmin a Copy the C: