See Use the Ultrabeat swing function. Secondly, synthesis gives you a huge range of options that samples don’t — you can build your drums to fit your track perfectly, and once you’ve done that, you can morph parameters of the sound in realtime, something that’s impossible with samples. You’ll learn everything from how to recreate classic sounds to making far out and unusual electronic percussion. Accent button and slider: Intro to Part 2 [2:

ultrabeat patterns

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They go into just enough depth without being confusing or too verbose.

ultrabeat patterns

See Set Ultrabeat step sequencer accents. Ultrabeat ships with Logic and Logic Express as a native synth, and it’s an extremely powerful tool.

ultrabeat patterns

Resolution defines the metric unit of a measure that is represented by the individual pxtterns. In short, Ultrabeat is your one-stop shop for creation of customised, flexible and complex rhythm tracks.

All video chapters Module 1 download This module takes a look at the overall layout of Ultrabeat, and all of the features on its faceplate, including pattern creation and editing, live performance, the synthesiser section, and sampling sounds. If you change your mind during the process, choose the source pattern number.

Adjust the length of the grid and therefore the pattern by dragging in the field or the bar beneath the swing buttons. Clear a pattern Choose the pattern that you want to ulrtabeat in the Pattern menu. Turns out I picked up a lot of new tidbits from the first two parts, and the last group was even better than I expected.


I love the fact they are HD and you are so clear and concise which makes for being a great teacher. Yet although many use its presets or load up the odd sample, few explore its full potential.

The pattern in the target position is replaced with this one. Hey, great tutorials, seriously! Part 2 delves into the exciting world of synthesising your own drum and percussion sounds. It’s a fully capable rhythm workstation that can create, manage and mash up patterns of synthesized or sampled drums.

Control-click or right-click the Pattern pop-up menu, and choose Clear from the shortcut menu.

I was on the fence about buying them because I’m already fairly familiar with ES2 and synthesis, but the price was good so figured the last set would be worth it alone. Given a pattern length of 32 steps, the pattern would run for 4 measures the 32 setting ultrabfat to the entire grid and, therefore, all sounds.

These tutorials are discontinued, and are now free.

Logic Pro X: Ultrabeat pattern controls

Whether it’s crisp electronic beats, heavy dancefloor riddims or simulated acoustic drums you’re after, Ultrabeat can do it all. The interplay between Length and Resolution values enables you to create different time signatures. The quality is good, the aptterns is good, and I really appreciated your professional yet casual presentation.


Why is synthesizing your own drums worth the effort, when there are so many good sample packs out there?

ultrabeat patterns

Not only does it offer a huge array of options for creating ulteabeat manner of percussion hits, it sounds fantastic too, and is capable of making sounds to rival the old-school analogue drum machines that are so well loved in electronic music. Length field and bar: Part 1 explains Ultrabeat’s layout and how all its features work, from pattern creation to synthesis. You’ll learn everything from how to recreate classic sounds to making far yltrabeat and unusual electronic percussion.

Just like to say the tutorials are great and easily worth the money.

Logic Pro X: Ultrabeat pattern controls

A pattern contains all events, stored in sequences, for all 25 sounds. Click to choose one of the 24 patterns. Turn on to play the grid of the currently selected sound in accordance with the Swing knob setting. I’d also like to mention that the support you offered me as an end-user was stellar! Intro to Part 2 [2: Customer feedback Your tutorials are awesome, they’re some of the best Logic — no, actually some of the best production tutorials in general, I have encountered so far.