This editor is absolutely amazing. Thanks so much for making GTA V single player the insane rampage it should be and not just 5 minutes of fun, enter code, repeat. What OS are you on and also make sure you have. At this point I’m thinking I’m pretty much going to have to start again. How do you activate it? It just sits there in my processes and never opens, is there a way to fix this?

xb36 hazard save editor

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People will just have to be patient.

xb36 hazard save editor

Download on first post or auto update! Keep up the great work. There is an invisibility feature in the editor now? As well as Franklin’s Children of the Mountain shirt.

[Release] Grand Theft Auto V Save Editor (By: XB36Hazard)

Never mind I found it. In which case I will do the 25 required and then merely hack the rest since it shouldn’t affect me thereafter. We know they’re inside the latest update somewhere. It also opens and runs like a dream 20.0.8 me.

Grand Theft Auto V Save Editor by XB36Hazard

As when you Max stamina the distance run increases toI’m not touching the weapons in the editor, only modding money and stats.


Tested it several times.

xb36 hazard save editor

Can you post your save? I believe that by using the editor to set the stunt jumps to 49 bugs the misc checklist. Your problem is this folder: Then I copy back to my xbox. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk http: Sorry for the dual updates. Mostly need to get my BMX in Chrome with tire smoke: As for “subwoofers and nitrous” I haven’t tested it. This program is very nice!! So I try to load my Xbox save game and it seems to try and load ps3 save.

I managed to open and edit most of the parameters for some reason I can’t get max ammo on a few things like the grenade launcher and a few other things I can’t seem to get GOD mode to work. Good things will come to those who wait eventually. Maybe horizon is the problem? Ahh so Autosave was the culprit for missions, that explains why it got removed when I finished a side mission. I have a few questions for some modifications i would love to do.


I liked it but it still says i have to like it. This shows me an error And that is? Thanks for your quick reply. Question; Maybe this has already been answered – But when exactly do you lose the ‘godmode’ and have to reapply it?

Doesnt work outside of missions now. Thanks in advance and thanks for the great work you’re doing ; Hey Buddy!

GTA 5 Save Editor v2.0.0.8 (PS3 & Xbox360)

And it hijacked my web browsers with pop up ads and search programs Do I need to copy my whole profile or just the saved game? Every time I try to access the internet on the phone or laptop with any character I loose all HUD visuals and the ability to swap characters or doing anything at all really.

I have the same haazard. What file should I pick?