Open your Xbox and extract the drivekey from your ODD. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Download xk3y free shared files. You may have to register before you … Since keeping them there will cause the xk3y to check the files if they are a newer firmware version then stored on your xk3y micro SD card, and because of that take longer time for your HDD to be recognized. This update is available on v3 via Search Updates!! Some highlights are support for the DVD Menu system that where already added back. The Video Game Remastered Xbox.

xk3y update 1.30

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Com Xbox Cheats FriendSpot. Continue reading for recent changelogs, and important upgrade notes. PS3 Media Server 1.

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Prepare your hard drive 1. The developers of PS3 Media Server have updated to version 1. Com Video Codecs GameWinners. To control the XKey they will come with a nifty little control pad which sits outside of the console and has an OLED display, it has three buttons for navigation of the remote which is how you select and load the tites you wish to play off your external USB device.

Screenshots of PSP Support: Check this chart to see if your DVD drive is compatible. Open your Xbox and extract the drivekey from your ODD. Kpdate massive feature that is planned to be added to the XKey with a future firmware update after release is the ability to make legitimate backups of your original games onto your external USB storage devices using the Xbox console itself, once again this is one of the most popular functions of the Wode Upvate for Wii and will of course be a huge feature for the XKey as well.


Xkey 1.30 available.

I placed that and the rootfs or know what could be up. An update from the team Wed 15th of June was that everything was still on track for a release around mid July but as they told us there only needs to be a delay on uprate component and this will set back the release. Enabled multilanguage support, to use add the following to xkey.

Below you will find a current changelog letting you know what x,3y been added. View Detailed Images 1.

If you dont have a remote you may need to configure the xk3y to use dvd meny, this can be done from a firmware update and editing the config file. Some highlights are support for the DVD Menu system that where already added back.

xk3y update 1.30

Mednafenthe multi-system emulator, has been recently updated by RoboHobo. USB adapter trick for incompatible motherb.

See changelog below for details. Share on Facebook; Share on Twitter; Xk3g Lizard u dumps, do nothing, XK will now detect u automagically JF u dumps, add the following to xkey.


HardwareHomebrewXboxTweet Our friends over at Xkeys have released a new firmware update which was posted on Dec 29th Edit the included xkey. Reach Gears of War 3 Call of Duty: The hard drive should be formatted to NTFS. This update is available on v3 via Search Updates!! Only for XB Lite, compatible. HardwareHomebrewXbox.

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If you haven’t already then go ahead and update your xkeys, if you are unsure of what xkeys is then I will post a link with more information on X3y. Lite-On 16D5S support added.

xk3y update 1.30

Blessed Unleashed Open beta dates. Registered xk3y users can now download latest stable firmware 1. Installing the xk3y us as simple and opening yourfixing the xk3y device into position, applying your firmware to the supplied micro sd card, and closing your console.