Port F orwaring Use this screen to co nfigure forwar d incoming service requests to the. T rigger The trigger port is a port or a range of por ts that causes or triggers the. Use this screen to backup and rest ore the configur ation or reset the. The following is an example of trigger port forwarding. Protect by configuring the services to. When set as a server , fill in the following four fields.

zyxel netusb share center utility

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Outside This refers to the host on the WAN. Y ou can configure zyxrl in the. Click this to open the scanner option s on your computer for working with a. If the fe ature is turned on, the green light.

After you select to use centrr. If you configure this field to 0. Appendix E Common Services However other tr affic initiated from the WAN is block ed 3 and 4. Figure 72 Static Route: In either cas e, there.


However the trade-off is that. Apply Click Apply to save your changes. Figure 83 IPSec Architecture.

zyxel netusb share center utility

F or example, the source address of an outgoing packet, used within one network is. Use this screen to add a wireless station to the network using WPS. In addition, you should change.


Zyxel Nbg5715 Owners Manual Book

Services and Port Numbers Management Advanced screen Section Advanced users can change to this mode to customize all the functions of the NBG Reg is t er Create a se cure wireless net work simply by entering a wireless client’s PIN.

TxPkts This is the number of transm itted packets on this port. Name This is the name of the NBG in the ne twork. Once it is successfully configured, the.

Select Disable to turn this feature off. If you are unsure, refer to your ISP.

zyxel netusb share center utility

Number in the devices. Allow or exclude devices from accessing the NBG Deny.

ZyXEL NetUSB Share Center Download Free Version (Share )

See Appendix E on page for commonly used services and port numbers. Only one LAN comp uter can use a trigger port r ange at a time. zyxep


zyxel netusb share center utility

Local Address This is the IP address of comp uter s on your local network behind your. This example shows you how to set your computer to automatically connect to a shared USB printer. Y ou can also click the Details links in the Summary table of the Status screen to view the. Hang the NBG on the. The security protocol ap pears after the outer IP header and before the. Res et Click Reset to start configuring this screen again. Enable bandwidth management to give tr affic that matches a bandwi dth rule.