So please do not encode your output with these encodings or with any other encoding. Parameter array MultipleFileNames will receive these multiple filenames if more than one file have been selected. We recommend using either “onbeforeunload” or “onunloadzzeephpexe” events. If you develop a database driven application, and only a single user works with your application and with database data , then one of the best solutions will be using SQLite, since it doesn’t need installation nor a separate database process, it is absolutely free and ships with PHPExe. Given that the wrapper is “zzee:

zzee phpexe

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We recommend using either “onbeforeunload” or “onunloadzzeephpexe” events. In all other cases pass an empty string there.

Starting from version 2. Shows the dialog to open a file.

ZZEE PHPExe, Compile PHP Scripts into Windows GUI Exes

Java support in ZPE is limited. Here is an example that runs a Flash animation:. Java is not able to directly use a jar file compiled into the internal namespace.

zzee phpexe

However starting from version 2. In your project you will need to go to the php. This version is a step towards better compatibility with lots of legacy code, including various frameworks such as Zend framework and zzes. You need to uncomment their according PHP extension dlls in the php. There are other samples as well.



Returns true if more than one file have been selected. Sets which extensions you want the dialog to show in its “Files of type” box. Also when you open another window using window.

When your compiled exe starts, the internal webbrowser loads the “http: See this section for more information. Note, you can not change current directory with chdir in the internal compiled namespace, chdir works only for filesystem. And the variable shall not zze kept longer than the actual pop-up window created exists.

If it is set to falsethen external URLs are allowed. Some of them can be compiled into the internal namespace, some may reside in the filesystem of the computer where your program runs.

Note, if the “onunloadzzeephpexe” is fired, then “onbeforeunload” event is not triggered. If a user uses only mouse, then they won’t be able to close the window and it will stay on top of the screen. It must be placed into the directory where the compiled exe is located and specified via the “file: For more information see Zzee website. Returns false if the user selected just one file.


zzee phpexe

In this case you need to use splitMultiSelect to get these multiple filenames. Returns true if the directory path is provided. You can read but not write all compiled-in files, see section compiled internal namespace for details.

zzee phpexe

In particular, autoloading may not work. So it does not matter whether a PHP file name or path is prepended with “zzee: To enable it set external. When your compiled application starts, its current working directory is always set to the directory where its exe is located. They are more secure than “compatible” windows, but you can not keep the returned window object reference in a variable. For Windows Internet Explorer 5. The compiled program doesn’t require any special installation on the end user’s computer and can be launched from a CD or a flash drive.

The samples are located on our website: